Turning Dreams into Realities

The Dark Ark generates ideas across a variety of industries, using transferable knowledge and creative invention. We think at night, because without the darkness, we would not see the stars.

A brains trust of ideas, we experiment with dreams and turn them into realities, we take thought and turn it into action.

We create in-house projects for pleasure, philanthropy and profit. Everything from business startup ideas to large commercial concepts and ventures.

Discretion is a Watchword

Discretion is the name of the game and also the better part of valor. We are not an agency. Nor do we work on agency principles. We are the invisible team member, the go-to guys, the discrete black business card.

We provide solutions to challenges that can’t be resolved using your existing network. We are the power behind the power. That’s how our clients like it – and we like it that way too.

Some of our ideas break convention, but as we have always believed, nobody ever became great without first being brave.

Operating without Boundaries

Like us, you have probably lived in many different places and have met an amazing variety of talented people on your journey through life.

Through a broad but extremely familiar network with its heart in Sydney, Australia we are able to operate without boundaries and overheads meaning that all you pay for are ideas.

Great ideas.

Welcome to the Dark Ark.

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Idea Generation

Every organisation needs great ideas to keep them competitive and fresh. The Dark Ark provides high-value innovative thinking to organisations and individuals, irrespective of whether you are a multi-billion dollar oil company or if you have a small olive grove with aspirations of supplying retailers and restaurants.

We welcome your brief or request for proposal where a solution, idea, product or business concept is required. Historically we have provided innovative output across brand development, product and interior design, creative media and a variety of one-off commercial projects.

The brief case studies found within this site will give you a flavour of the depth and breadth of our thinking and the practical and engaging solutions we provide. We have an even balance of work within the ‘real’ and ‘online’ world and specialise in blended solutions.

We partner with like-minded individuals and organisations who themselves are creative but lack time and need good ideas at pace. You made the effort to find us, now let us help you.

Red Alert

The Dark Ark is a hub of discretion. Most likely you’ve come across our work before, you just don’t know it’s us. This is how we choose to work.

Our on-demand Red Alert service provides you with the answers you need with the target of a 24 hour turnaround. Drawing on the combined minds of the global Dark Ark Collective (our network of creative thinkers and high achievers) we are able to deliver practical and often brilliant ideas and solutions for your proposed requirement enabling you to focus on your own task list/screaming client/ever pressing deadline. No one needs to know. The credit is all yours.

We offer the solutions that you then implement to achieve your business objectives.

Contact us now for information as you don’t yet know when you’ll need us.

Dark Ark Sparx™

At the Dark Ark we trade in ideas. We understand that sometimes it can take the smallest spark to light the largest fires and it is sparks like these that are required to trigger the big picture in your mind. We understand the need to create, the need to nurture your own idea and for this reason we have created Sparx™ - the Dark Ark Portfolio of business startup opportunities (on/offline), product ideas, concepts and brands.

If you’re an individual, entrepreneur or organisation looking to kick-start a fresh idea you can purchase exclusive ownership of these seedling concepts or partner with us to make them grow.

Sparx™ in the Dark Ark Portfolio are currently at varying stages of growth so please contact us for more information about turning these acorns into mighty oaks.

Below Deck

In addition to providing ideas and developing revenue generating concepts for sale we have a number of online in-house ventures that span philanthropy, creative networking and brand development. Contrary to popular myth we are very real and do exist in the offline world and it’s here that we collaborate on gallery shows, events, art, invention and social experiments.

View the Portfolio section below for a snapshot of some of our latest offerings.

Browse Projects:
  • 22/07/10Me Looky Me Likey Launches
  • 11/04/10Vintage Guy Handmade Range in Production
  • 20/07/10Hello. What Do You Want? Development Update
  • 04/06/10The Barons Guide - New Dark Ark Idea in Development
  • 01/08/10Hello. What Do You Want? The Search for the Right Partner Organisations

Me Looky Me Likey Launches

There are so many images that we see via Hello. What Do You Want? and through our regular strolls through the internet that we decided it was time to bring all of our visual chickens home to roost, or perhaps that should be roast.

Either way, we have built our image aggregator / online scrapbook for all of the photos, images and artwork that we use across all of the Dark Ark projects.

"The Me Looky Me Likey logo is an inspired piece of design, it just fits. Every time I see those stacked neon letters I smile. Me Looky, Me Likey." At the moment we’re retaining upload rights but once we have reached a critical mass of images and tags we intend to open this up to the Dark Ark network.

If you look at other creative showcase websites many of them offer a very limited service. We intend to build the site that we would want to use. This means quality images and progressive tagging protocol to enable those of us focussed on design to quickly source images and inspiration. In turn, it will enable users to concentrate on what they’re producing rather than spending aching hours trying to find high quality visual treats.

View the site. Have a looky - you might likey.

Vintage Guy Handmade Range in Production

There’s something very satisfying in taking an object or an idea from the past and bringing it into the present.

In respect to the notebooks, the key challenges were in finding the right quality paper stock and finishing techniques. The paper stock has to work with the adhesive to fix the vintage sheet music covers onto the cardboard. We also tested using a machine to cut holes for the binding but the hand cut holes gave each notebook a far more unique feel. You can feel that time has gone into making them. So, after working late into the night and over a series of weekends we’re pleased with what we’ve achieved.

During the period of notebook production we also worked on solving the problem of the vintage cufflink packaging. “We’re expecting the notebooks and cufflinks to complement the range of vintage prints and advertising alongside one-off items like the refurbished Gladstone bag, Boxing Gloves and Golf Clubs.”

We were able to source some interesting tins which could accommodate three sets of cufflinks which we then branded with handmade stickers. The box was then protected by a cardboard cover onto which we’ve branded an antique Vintage Guy logo using an innovative transfer method.

There’s a nice combination of old and new and the art techniques used to brand the items helped merge old and new together comfortably.

Hello. What Do You Want? Development Update

Spurred on by the slow and steady progress of the Hello. What Do You Want? pilot project we have been busy redeveloping the site. The level of well considered and often heartfelt posts from people around the world encouraged us to take the site to the next level.

We have spent time aligning with social media to enable the ease of ease and have also streamlined our own internal systems to ensure that submissions get posted quickly and accurately. Along with the back office systems, the visual appearance of the site has also undergone a makeover.

We expect to be launching the new site in late July 2010 and have a series of plans for further development that we’ll share with you in the week prior to launch. "When we saw that people genuinely want to help by sharing their life experience, this gave credibility to the bigger picture that with the right support, we can help change lives." The things that we’re really pleased with are the striking images used to complement the Wants and we hope to continue on the success of viewer feedback to truly assist those who Want. This is pivotal to the success of the site.

Whilst generating critical mass is important, we view this project as quality over quantity and will actively promote the benefits of Hello. What Do You Want? to groups and communities that can help us achieve our ultimate goal of helping people get what they truly want above all other things.

The Barons Guide - New Dark Ark Idea in Development

Every wine guide that you read will talk of legs and cépage, ripe berries and undertones of heavily trodden bracken. We would adore to be authentic Oenophiles but to be honest a delicious bottle of wine doesn’t last that long aboard the Dark Ark and quite frankly we drink to get drunk. There we said it, outed for the Philistines we truly must be. Our savage palates aside, we have such trouble finding wines that can quench our esoteric moods, I simply asked for a wine that would go well with a hint of sadness and a log fire and I was greeted with a blank expression, surely this is how most of us match our wines?

"We have such trouble finding wines that can quench our esoteric moods, I simply asked for a wine that would go well with a hint of sadness and a log fire." When selecting wine we generally want something tasty, a wine that will neither embarrass us or break the bank. Initial selections are made based upon colour, red for cold weather, white for warm and the occasional rose, champagne etc thrown in when the occasion demands. Further selections are then left to label, price, recommendation, etc.

The Barons Guide will provide readers with honest feedback on low-mid price wine that will fit occasions such as; Alone with a DVD, 2nd Date, Meet the Parents, Heavy Session, Weekends Away and many more.

Hello. What Do You Want? The Search for the Right Partner Organisations

Now that we are close to launching the new site we have turned our attention to how we can help make Wants come true. We view this as a dual approach process whereby organisations can either provide site visitors with access to information and channels to donate to the relevant cause and also for organisations to join us as a major force for facilitating change in peoples lives.

The types of organisations we are approaching include niche NFP’s that focus on the area that is needed, for example a Bipolar charity providing support for people suffering from the condition through to revenue driven organisations that have products and services that fulfil the desires of respective Wants. "We are searching for organisations that want to help facilitate major changes in peoples lives to support their own corporate objectives and the objectives of Hello. What Do You Want?”

Whilst we view Hello. What Do You Want? as a philanthropic venture, we will require modest funding to enable us to develop the site to facilitate a smooth exchange of donations, ideas and information.

Key partners will help support these initiatives in return for an ever growing range of benefits that become apparent with each new area of exploration. The potential routes for delivering lasting and effective change are phenomenal.

Approach & Contact

We recognise the pressures you are under. Leadership requires inspiration and business growth requires a fertile imagination and hard work. We offer a confidential service providing you with the ideas to inspire, change and grow your business where the credit is yours, since you found us. We listen far better than we talk and welcome your invitation to impress with great ideas.

Contact us online as a first step. We propose that you give us some detail, what you need to achieve and your deadline. We will respond accordingly within the timeframe with our proposal.

Dependent upon your location, we can meet but it might be that you may never meet us face-to-face. We let our ideas do the talking but if you need a mental image, we are the tall man, the smiling woman, the funny guy in glasses, the mother, the long coat, the lovers hand-in-hand, the tree climber, the free spirit and many more.